How automated are your business finances?

In this blog we are going to talk about how to automate your business finances and what we have seen and what we are doing in this space to aid our mission to make UK SME businesses more successful. But firstly we want to share something with you……..


Yes, that’s right. Amy is our personal assistant and she books meetings like you would not believe. Literally. Amy is a valued member of the team and works doggedly to get our meetings in the diary.

Amy contributes to the team like any other member. With just one difference. She refuses to be paid. She just won’t accept it. I guess some people just don’t need money. Probably because AMY IS NOT REAL – SHE IS AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Just cc Amy on your emails and watch it happen. Be warned though. There is a waiting list for Amy, she is popular.

Get Amy HERE




Mountains of paperwork that never seem to end. Paper everywhere. Never quite sure whether everything is captured. Paying a bookkeeper to travel to your office to sort it all out for you because your accountant said you needed to.


Paperless and digital bookkeeping taking your paper, email invoices, bills, receipts and expense and making it digital. The geeky bit is that we use something called optical character recognition to achieve this.

But you don’t need to worry about that so if you can take a picture on your smartphone, forward an email, upload to Dropbox then you can keep your books with the minimum amount of time and money.


• Lower costs
• Business records digitised and kept for 7 years just incase you need to produce something for her majesties
• Faster information into your accounting system equals better information for smarter decision and advice, now you can track cash in real time!



Businesses normally spend inordinate amounts of time agreeing deals, raising invoices and diligently sending them out. The task of understanding what is due when, who has paid, who has not and chasing them can take a huge amount of time and effort.


We automate this process for you sending you weekly summaries and putting best practice credit control in place. Even thanking those who pay after we chase. All with complete visibility to the business. Nice.


• More profit from less human credit control costs
• More cash from payments arriving sooner
• More control to see your hard won revenue turn into cash



Most small businesses do not get good quality management information. Log into the bank online for that, add up a spread sheet for this, ask the accountant for payroll over there etc etc. Information everywhere and most small business owners rely to a large degree on their gut instinct and feel for the business. Most small business owners wished they didn’t have to.


Photography, television, movies, music, maps, phones, mail, shopping, marketing and many more things went digital. Your accounting system should go digital too. You should get a digital chartered accountant to go with that. Then you can have real time dashboards, all the information in once place online including your bank balance. Your own mini command centre with your own reporting from your online accounting software. You, getting on top of your business finances, just as it should be.


• A single place for everything
• A place to collaborate with your digital accountant
• Better information for smarter decisions and more profit
• Your business with you 24/7 anytime anyplace and any device

Why not talk to us to see how you can save money and create a more automated finance plan for your business.