ICAEW Fellowship

ICAEW FCA (Fellowship) designation awarded

I was honoured to be awarded the coveted title of Fellow by the ICAEW this morning. In practical terms, this means I can use the letters FCA after my name, instead of ACA. But the FCA designation stands for a lot more than this.

Achieving ACA accreditation in itself is gruelling – requiring some 3 – 5 years practical work experience and the completion of 15 accountancy, finance and business modules, together with training on ethics and professional scepticism.

Once ACA accreditation has been achieved, the next step is Fellowship – the highest status of ICAEW membership. This accreditation is only awarded to qualified accountants who have held ACA accreditation for ten years and have shown a total commitment to the profession. The designation is recognised globally and demonstrates a comprehensive level of experience acquired during 10 further years of practice and ongoing training completed through Continued Professional Development (CPD). It is a real achievement that I am very proud of.

Many people remain unaware that absolutely anyone in the UK can call themselves an ‘accountant’ or  a ‘book-keeper’ – even if that person has had no formal training whatsoever. Choosing someone without qualifications or experience can be highly detrimental to your business and you have no comeback if you are given poor advice or if any laws are broken. Choosing someone with ICAEW accreditation is a guarantee that the quality of advice that your business receives will be second to none.

Achieving the title of Fellow is recognition of the years of intensive training and practical experience that I have acquired through my association with ICAEW and a complete reassurance to my current and future clients that I work to the highest ethical and technical standards in this industry.

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