Dragons Den - Behind The Scenes With Dock And Bay

Dragons Den – Behind The Scenes With Dock & Bay

So when your client calls you to say they just got accepted on the BBC series Dragons Den and need your help to prepare I paused for thought about the prospect of a client discussing their numbers on national television in front of an audience of millions. Yikes!

Co-Founders Andy & Ben @ Dock & Bay (www.dockandbay.com) have reinvented the towel market and featured in Episode 4 of Series 15 of the program.

We were fortunate enough to sit with Co-Founder Andy Jefferies who gave us an exclusive before and after interview, taking a look at what they did to prepare for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Did they go into the Den and get eaten alive, or did they go in with a strategy and come out having tamed the dragons? Find out below.

PART 1: Preparing For Battle

Join me and Andy, one of the founders of Dock & Bay, to see the behind the scenes thoughts on what it was like to apply, how the process went and what we did to help them prepare.


PART 2: Behind The Scenes With Dock & Bay Post Dragons Den

Now that the battle has finished, we sit back down with Andy Jefferies, Co-Founder of Dock & Bay, to relive the Dragons Den experience. Watch our exclusive interview to see what they did well, what they plan to do now, and what they would advise to others on the entrepreneur journey.