Whether you’re just starting up, or you’re looking to run your business in a more efficient and profitable way, our free guides will arm you with the knowledge you need to handle your finances, keep up to date with the latest legislation and drive your business forward.

Business expenses guide

Accurately recording your business expenses is essential to avoid a penalty – but knowing what you can and can’t write off against your business profits can be complex. Whether you’re a start up business, an established company or a sole trader, our free business expenses guide is your ultimate companion to which costs are tax deductible – and which aren’t.

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Optimal salary guide

As a business owner or contractor, you may be wondering what the most tax efficient way is to draw money from your business. Should you take all of your money as a salary? Is it better to pay yourself in dividends? How will the April 2018 changes to taxing dividends affect you?

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